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I love the shows. At this point in my life they'er my only significant social engagements. Some visitors look  before they sit and say, "beautiful". Some visitors say nothing but sit and then say, "wow", or"it's therapeutic", or "I love the lumbar support. It fits me perfectly".

I say, its a lot of rewarding work. Some are surprised by the price I'm asking. After gazing at the chairs, most say that's about right. I do not expect anyone to buy a chair straight off this site. I expect sales to come from people who have seen the elegance and actually experienced the comfort at a show.

Hope we can meet soon at one of these shows.


    1. Smithsonian Craft Show 5/3-7, National Building                          Museum, W.D.C.

    2. Northern NM Fine Arts & Crafts Guild 5/27-29

        Catherdral Park, Santa fe, NM

    3. Art Santa Fe, Santa Fe Conv. Ctr., 7/14-16/2023


     *(Juried) Northern NM Fine Arts & Crafts Guild - Summer         2021, 2022

     *(Juried) Art Worth, Ft Worth, TX, Oct. 2022

     *(Juried) Breckenridge, CO - Summer 2021                   

     *LaFonda Hotel (Artist In Residence), Santa Fe, NM - Fall         2021, Spring 2022, Winter 2023  

     *(Juried) Art Walk At Indian Wells, CA - February, 2022 

     *(Juried) Fountain Hills, AZ - March 4-6, 2022

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